Austin Mini Golf Madness Has Been Tamed

With great effort, a chunk of the Austin Lomography community tamed the Mini Golf Beast with putts and photos. Ten folks showed up to navigate dinosaurs, pirates, clowns and more in a Lomography outing fueled by film. Take a look at what we got up to.

Everyone gathered together at one of the oldest Mini Golf spots in Texas, Peter Pan Mini Golf. We had cameras, film and batteries to keep our flashes popping.

We had ice chests full of drinks and some major enthusiasm. Although most of the people had known about Peter Pan, only 2 of us had ever played the course. It was a new adventure, and we had 5 new people show up to this event. We were stoked!
We collected putters and brightly colored balls. Splitting teams was based on ball color. No team could have the same colors. The two teams divided up the coolers and set off on the west course. Peter Pan is the first to greet us.
There was much added difficulty to putting when you have cameras dangling around your neck. Several folks had camera bags, but some folks preferred to have it out for quick access.
The rules were simple. Whoever had the most strokes at each hole, had to take the cooler to the next hole. We didn’t want to fool around with numbers and score sheets. One of our Lomography reps brought one of the coolest coolers ever.
Overall, we barely finished the first 18 holes, in two hours. Some folks started playing offense and defense, which is wonderfully challenging in a game where there is none. Everyone left having fun and we made the new additions to our Austin Lomography community feel excited about the future. We all agreed we had to do this again!

written by lomo-camkage on 2011-10-07 #news #night #event #austin #mini-golf #tx #meetup #peter-pan-mini-golf

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