Diana World Tour for Japan

It’s been a year since the tragic Tohoku earthquake and tsunami hit East Japan, bringing the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster and devastated lives in its wake. We auctioned off customized clones during the Milan leg of our Diana World Tour which allowed several good Samaritans to take home a unique Diana F+ and help Japan!

Back in September 2011, we auctioned off customized Dianas as part of the Milan leg of the Diana World Tour.

We accommodated our buyers and auctioned off the cameras one by one. The winners of the customised machines not only took home the pieces crafted by important local artists, they also helped us collect €337 which we donated to the International Red Cross emergency fund for post-earthquake Japan.

One year after, we hope victims of the calamity have gotten their lives back on track. Lots of LomoLove to Japan!

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