What Is Film?


A lovely bunch of Lomographers met in Milan’s Lomography Gallery Store to discover and master the secrets of all sorts of films: from color to black and white, infrareds and slides along with all possible and imaginable film processing.

But it wasn’t all talk and soon after an intense theoretical introduction we grabbed our cameras, picked our films and went on a mission in hunting for art at the gardens of the Triennale museum.

Armed with Dianas, Fisheyes, La Sardinas and LC-A+s, we snapped as much as we could out at this magical place where relaxation meets. The search of art and spectacular images for printing on our crazy films!

And here are the results:

written by lgs_milan on 2011-10-10 #news #lomography #lgs-milan #workshop-recap #what-is-film #gallery-store-milan
translated by superchouette

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  1. fabc68
    fabc68 ·

    :-( sad: I live 1 hr away from Milan and didn't know about this event, otherwise I would have tried to sneak in! Well, looks like you folks had fun anyway, so keep up the good work and have many a good shots in the oft-underrated city of Milan (which has some very nice corners indeed)

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