Haunted Locations: Kellie's Castle


Located in Batu Gajah, Perak in Malaysia. It is an unfinished mansion built by a Scottish planter named William Kellie Smith. It is said that it was either a gift for his wife or a home for his son.

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William Kellie Smith came from a village in Scotland known as Kellas. At the age of 20 in 1890, he arrived in Malaya (now Malaysia). He started planting rubber trees and dabbled in the tin mining industry. Later, he became the owner of Kinta Kellas Estate and the Kinta Kellas Tin Dredging Company.

Now a wealthy man, he returned to Kellas to marry his lover, Agnes. He brought her to Malaysia in 1903. In the same year, Agnes gave birth to their first child whom they named Helen. In 1915, Agnes gave birth to a son. They named him Anthony. Smith decided to build a castle to celebrate his son’s birth. He planned to call it Kellas House, after his homeland.

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It was supposed to take 10 years to build Kellie’s Castle, but a lot had happened during the process. In the early 1920s, many of the workers contracted the Spanish Flu and died. World War I slowed the process even more. In the end, Kellie’s Castle was never completed.

In December of 1926, he contracted pneumonia and died. Then, Agnes returned to Scotland with her children. She sold Kellie’s Castle to a British company called Harrisons and Crossfield. Anthony was killed in World War II and Helen never returned to Kellie’s Castle. Some believe the castle is haunted by the Smith family.

William’s spirit has been seen pacing in the 2nd corridor. Helen is seen in her bedroom wearing a white blouse and has curly hair. Ghastly smells of incense and spirits have been reported in the horse stables. Some believe the mansion possesses hidden rooms and secret underground tunnels.

Now, Kellie’s Castle is a popular local tourist attraction and was used as a setting in the 1999 film Anna and the King.

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    are you able to actualy go inside?

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    @explorette yes :)

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