DIY Project: Film Canister as Flash Diffuser


As most of us know, photography can be an expensive but a very rewarding endeavor. The economy today tells us that we have to do our part and learn the 3 R’s. We all need to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Here is a simple DIY project using a film canister.

What is a better way to reduce trash than to reuse our canisters? Although, I am a film photography lover, I do not discriminate against digital and I own a happy snappy and a SLR (single-lens reflex).

I just bought a SLR and felt that the built-in flash was too harsh. I felt that I needed to use a diffuser of some sort. However, with my funds being depleted on the new camera, I had to come up with another method. I tried using my hand but it did not work too well. I then discovered that I could turn the flash setting down but still, I was not getting the look I wanted. Thanks to Google, I saw an image of a canister over the flash. I told myself, “What a perfect way to diffuse the light and bring a little film back into digital!”

The canister being opaque would make a perfect little diffuser and help soften the light.
This was the start of my simple DIY project.

Things you need:
- Scissors
- An opaque white film canister

Remove the lid of the canister and put it to one side or in the plastic recycling bin.

Get the scissors and cut a strip out of the side of the canister and a V-shape or triangle out of the bottom end of the canister.

Then pop-up the flash on your SLR camera and fit the canister over it.

Voila! Now you have your very own flash diffuser! Try it with your other Lomography cameras with a flash!

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  1. street_majik
    street_majik ·

    I followed all the steps in here and it worked beautifully! Thanks for putting this up for all of us :-)

  2. stratski
    stratski ·

    Crap! You tatally beat me to this tipster, I was waiting to get my pictures processed before posting the exact same idea! Ah well, great minds think alike I guess...

  3. analogmonolog
    analogmonolog ·


  4. kamiraze
    kamiraze ·

    Nice article! I've made a diffuser months ago for my colorsplash flash. IT work perfectly and fits snugly over the flash, you should try it!

  5. rrohe
    rrohe ·

    did this and taped some colored plastic wrap to it to create a colorsplash effect. works great!

  6. ibkc
    ibkc ·

    My word. I've just been browsing all the expensive diffusers on Amazon and Adorama and getting a headache, so this tipster comes at at perfect time. And I'm wondering why on earth I didn't think of it myself. Not to figure out how to make one for the big Vivitar 385HV I just bought!

  7. jetnz81
    jetnz81 ·

    Good idea yaaaa~

  8. weaver
    weaver ·

    great idea!!

  9. louwest
    louwest ·

    Thanks for the tip, just made this and it works a treat!

  10. attelid
    attelid ·

    this is a great idea! I also tried with the box for the toy in "Kinder Surprise" ( to have a coloured flash..and it works as well :D thank you!

  11. jeniferricken
    jeniferricken ·

    Great idea! Excellent for reusing boxes of film.

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