Main Cemetery Frankfurt: A Place of Peace

Open since 1828, the Main Cemetery of Frankfurt offers a place of peace for those who passed on and those who were left behind. It is a place of calm, and one might think it’s drowned in sorrow and perhaps to an extent it is. . . for only when directly confronted with death do you realize the magnificence of life.

Credits: xxxanderrr

I don’t really remember what made me visit this place back in April. I guess my thoughts were that this would be a true place of peace in a metropolitan city. A place to get away from anything and everything, just be alone with yourself and your thoughts.

The Main Cemetery, together with the two Jewish ones right next to it, creates one of the biggest cemetery formations in all of Germany. I only visited the main one, and even though I spent close to 3 hours there I haven’t covered even 20% of the territory. If you’re looking to get away and seek a place of desolation – this is the place to go. Obviously it’s not one of your typical parks where you can have yourself a picnic and a game of Frisbee – it is for sure a place of solitude.

Credits: xxxanderrr

One thing that I noticed were the dates on the graves – lots of them dated back to the 19th century, and the average lifespan of the deceased is around 70 years. I’ve stumbled across so many people who lived to be 90 or older – something that in modern age Europe is slowly but surely starting to change.

There was one particular, however, that struck me the most:
A small grave, dated I think 1991. It belonged to a little girl, 4 or 5 years old. The grave had fresh flowers.
I can’t even imagine what the parents must be feeling. 20 years later, they still visit her on a regular basis. This must indeed be horrible.

Life’s too precious. Don’t waste it, my friends.

Credits: xxxanderrr

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