Our Hats Are off to This Spinner Photographer!


LA based Portrait photographer Lauren Lemon has fun with her Spinner 360°, as one should. Her photos, as a result, function like the tapestries of ye olden days as they are brimming with entertaining stories that are fun to study!

Randolph, aliased “Lauren Lemon”, can be spotted in the corner of most of her Spinner 360° photos echoing Renaissance greats.

Photographer Lauren Randolph. Photo via

“Love that 360 Spinner camera!” exclaims Lauren Randolph on her
blog. So we’ve noticed!

Photos via

Big toothy smiles, protruding from faces masked by bug-eyed sunglasses, are like seashells to children as one can’t help but delight in them and feel a part of the beach scenes Randolph has recently captured.

“The decisive moment”, states Randolph, is her favorite when it comes to shooting her works of art.

We’re basking in these airy, sea-breeze, panoramas, and can hardly wait for the next beach bound outing. Here’s to hoping for a few more warm, sunny days!

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