Aaron Brown and Ben Chappell: Creeping Their Way into the Analogue World

Aaron Brown and Ben Chappell are the brainchildren of Focus Creeps and the awesome directors behind Arctic Monkeys’ and Girls’ music videos. Read on to know what they think about shooting videos the analogue way!

On Focus Creeps: Its Beginning and Inspiration

We document environments. Mostly we shoot music, our goal is to document and encourage the environment of the music, the environments the music creates, the people it inspires and from where it came. Sometimes—instead of the subject or artist you’re documenting—you end up shooting more stuff and friends, inanimate objects and associates.

On Filming Music Videos Using the Super 8

Our work is influenced by different DIY scenes in film and music. Super8 has been a cornerstone in virtually every underground scene. Unlike most film cameras, It has auto-function so you literally can point-and-shoot freeing you to concentrate more on the environment and action. It’s a great medium to shoot stylized documentary pieces without letting the technical dimension interfere. That said, they’re old and break all the time.

On Arctic Monkeys’ The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala and Girls’ Lust for Life: Off and On Camera

You can go anywhere with the camera. We would climb into the back of the equipment truck with the model for ’The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala", running from fans with the band, shooting the entire time. We determined early on that the song “Lust for Life” was exactly the length of 1 roll of film so we were able to shoot each person performing the song in their bedroom for exactly the length of a roll. Each person got one take. Some would get more “into it” than others, but they all share a true from-the-hip sincerity.

On Lomography

We use film cameras, we’ve had a lot of fun with the Horizon Perfekt Panorama camera. Also, we’ve been shooting the X-Pro Slide 200 film and having it cross processed.

On Their Love for Film

It’s handling of color and latitude is far superior to digital formats, and has personality unparalleled.

On Focus Creeps’ Next Projects

We’re shooting a TV Commercial for Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in LA all on Super 8. The energy will be the same as our music videos but the content a little more mature.

On Tips: Shooting Videos the Analogue Way

Gotta just do it. If the camera makes a sound it’s probably working. We’ve had good luck with that spot in Burbank, Pro8mm. If you’re in the area you can telecine with them with a guy who has a little box of effect toys to jam pieces of plastic and filters in the SD machine. It makes your piece look like the acid scene in Easy Rider.

For more information on Focus Creeps, you may visit www.focuscreeps.com. Meanwhile, if you have videos with similar feel (stop motion animations, Super 8 clips & films, and other videos with analogue vibe), you may share them to the community. Head on to this month’s Requested Posts, take a look at our Guidelines for Submissions, and get Piggy Points while you’re at it!

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