Fuji C 200 (35mm, 200 iso) User-Review


A nice cheap film that can yield some fantastic photos!

It’s been my film of choice, not always by preference but always by finance. It’s a fairly cheap film that you can pick up in most places; my most recent lot was from Morrison’s of all places. I have used countless rolls of this film throughout my first year of Lomo and will be using it in the future. I’ve taken it to parties, parks, abroad and underwater and it’s never failed to yield good results.

Either you are in the dark or in perfect light it never fails to impress. If you are on a budget and want good, clear, crisp photos I would definitely recommend this film.

written by callumbum on 2009-03-23 #gear #review #colour-negative #fed-3 #fuji #callum #fujicolor #fisheye


  1. smclemon
    smclemon ·

    Great pics of Edinburgh mate

  2. lomosexual_manboy
    lomosexual_manboy ·

    Definite good all around results. The Volvo night shot is sweet.

  3. stouf
    stouf ·

    You really prove that this film works in all light conditions ! Super shots!

  4. maddyoulook
    maddyoulook ·

    awesomeee i love #14!

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