Honey, I Shrunk the Diana F+ CMYK!


When I got my Diana F+ CMYK, I knew there where miniature keychains of the Lomography camera’s I wished there was a CMYK keychain. But alas, back when I got my full size camera, there was only the normal Diana as a Mini, much to my disappointment. BUT! About a month ago this all changed!

As soon as I saw that there was a keychain available in the online store that was a 20% copy of my own delicious camera I knew I had to have one. My big bulky colorful Diana needed a little mate to accompany me when she wouldn’t be able to go with me!

I was very happy when the little camera arrived. Okay, it’s not a fully functional one, but it’s pretty darn close to the real deal! Only shrunken down to 20% size! Now, what to do with this finely detailed keychain! I took a close look and it really is a great little version of my CMYK keychain. When I put the two together you can see how much effort went into getting the details right! The colors are close (not an exact match, but very close) and the lens and such really do look like the real deal.

I decided to attach the little camera to the bag that I had made recently. Combining my love for crochet and photography again. It’s a lot of analogue loving with me!

I also really liked the canister it came in. Ideal for transporting a roll of film or to save some little bits and pieces in. Right now, I save my daily medication in there.

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  1. kadense
    kadense ·

    that bag you made is adorable!

  2. pretletterp
    pretletterp ·

    The entire finished product ;) instagr.am/p/G5FP9

  3. bridgetj
    bridgetj ·

    As a knitter, crocheter, and owner of two Dianas (Robin - a classic standard, and Tori - a Tori Amos edition), I give this article two hooks up!

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