HSV Cemetery - Where Fans Lay Down For Good


Hence my favorite team is in the number one spot right now in Germany it is time to bury all the other teams. Let’s start with the HSV in Hamburg one of the greatest teams in the German Bundesliga. And how lucky they are: They have there own cemetery to be buried on ;)

In Argentina football is a religion. The last wish of some Boca Junior fans in Buenos Aires is to leave their ash on the green field. For years fans took the remains of their fellow fans with them and poured it during the games into the bombonera. Of course, this is quite strange and surely wrong. Therefore the Argentinian club built a cemetery just for their fans, hence the demand was skyrocking. Back in Europe.

The legendary HSV, the Bundesliga-team from Hamburg also built a cemetery just for their fans. The request by the fan club-members was enormous over the years, but the had to wait long. Only now a certain field on the Friedhof Altona (cemetery of the quarter of Hamburg) was given free. They had to wait that the rental period of a bunch of other graves was running out. It is perfectly situated, right opposite to the HSH Nordbank-Stadium. And the decorations on the cemetery will be like a mini football-theme park.

To enter the cemetery you will go through a goal and the gras will be from the stadium. Thy will uses corner-flags and the gravestones will have an embedded HSV-Logo. Around 300-500 graves can be at the area, which looks like one part of the stands with several layers. The reactions are positive and already hundreds of fans want to claim their spot. For now they only take orders from the member of the club and they start making it a pretty place. All the earnings will be used for the cemetery itself. You reach the place with the S-Bahn, which is directly going from the main station to the stadium. Walk around the stadium and you will find the entrance of the cemetery.

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Such addiction to soccer sound crazy to me... But well... I'm an addictive person too... Great gallery !

  2. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    fever pitch stoufy.
    i really need the quick fix at the moment ;)

  3. thaiseb
    thaiseb ·

    I've read about this place, it's incredible !

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