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BMX and lomography are like cocaine to him. Both are very important to a lad who was born in Johor and has stayed in several states like Kulai , Mersing, Kluang, Muar, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam and now he is in Kulim. He now busy with his work but nothing can prevent him from shooting and bunny hooping with his bicycle!

Credits: fendyfazeli

Fendy Fazeli is a die-hard-fan of BMX since 2000 ’til now. He started to learn about Lomography in a blog and fell in love with multiple exposure images produced by a toy plastic camera, Holga. His curiosity lead him to ask his friend who are obsessed with the photography, “What is Lomo?” And, his friend simply replied, “A camera with film.” Then, he started to explore until he got himself a Fisheye in early 2009 .

Credits: fendyfazeli

At the beginning of his lomographic quest, Fendy was inspired by a community forum of Lomography enthusiast in Malaysia, “Lomokids” (now known as Effekts). Now, he is inspired by the winners of each competition held by Lomography.

Credits: fendyfazeli

Other than that, he also does videography during his free time. He loves to record the every best moments with his friends. Check out his lomography moments around 2008 – 2010.

My lomo photo. 2008-2010 from Fendy Fazeli on Vimeo.

And here are some videos that he made!

Kulim’s Skater from Fendy Fazeli on Vimeo.

KDS VolumeTwo: Penang Tour from Fendy Fazeli on Vimeo.

Fendy hopes many Lomography exhibition will be held in Malaysia so that film will not be forgotten. He also hopes there will be more and more film labs that can process medium format films and slides. Last but not least, he wants the Lomography scene in Malaysia to stay till the end!

Credits: fendyfazeli

He also does doubles project! Do drop him a message through his Lomohome!

Credits: fendyfazeli

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    wahh. thankss ;)

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    a great guy :)

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    awan nano nano nano nano~~~~ ke dah xde lagi awan nano? hih...

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    dah hilang dah awan nano nano nano

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    awan nano dah kene potong la

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