Actionsampler Flash: Day and Night Renegade!


The previous four-lensed camera, the Lomography Actionsampler was just your ideal partner in broad daylight, not giving you enough satisfaction and entertainment. But for now, we all say “enough with early bed times!” and inhale this new creation! Presenting the Lomography Actionsampler Flash! Now you can use it day and night, with four flashes ready to hit your eyes in the night scenes!

It was actually my brother’s camera: the Lomography Actionsampler Flash. He bought it with a friend who came over from USA. He was fantasizing about the Holga I bought and sooner or later found himself amazed with this quadruplet-lens queen. I never had an idea that an Actionsampler has a flash. But when he showed it to me, I was surprised. The four-lensed monster that attacked most of your daytime bliss moments is again ready to spark your bed time bizzerks!

So what’s in with the Actionsampler Flash? Weighing about 6 oz. and has a diameter of 4.9 × 3.2 inches, this point-and-shoot camera accepts and eats 35mm film. It has four lenses that follows a moving object, with a focal length of 26mm, bustling a minimum range of 4ft to be exact. The Actionsampler Flash tosses in an additional 4-step sequential flash. With one push of the shutter button, all four lenses fire in perfect 0.66-second synchronization with the rapid-fire flash. All you have to do is oink in two (2) AA batteries that can be found in the bottom part of the camera, and you’re on your way to a party! Just lift up the internal flash (follow the instructions that can be found in the camera), wait for the red light and you’re good to go!

And if you are looking for one, go visit the microsite

written by ethermoon on 2009-03-08 #gear #night #review #birthday #wedding #lomo-actionsampler-flash #four-lensed-camera


  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Super cool gallery !

  2. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    Yeah - was this a wedding?

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