Embrace Your Suburb


You may think that cool pictures can only be taken in cool places. But that boring suburb where you spend most of your time can be pretty photogenic as well. You just have to open your eyes to it.

Credits: stratski

So you think that you need to be in hip city centers among the party crowd, or on a sunny beach filled with beautiful people to take good pictures. Think again! Forget about those swanky locations, these historical pretty towns, the glittering nightclubs. Just step outside, and start exploring your own neigbourhood. You will see there is more than enough to see – and photograph. You may learn a thing or two new about your neigbourhood. There are hidden jungles in every town.

Credits: stratski

Look Around
Just start walking around, and look for interesting stuff. Every neighboorhood has something special. By just wandering around, I found out that a lot of my neighbours are into old cars, so I could take lots of pretty car pictures.

Credits: stratski

Those cars illustrates a well known photography trick: everything looks better multiplied. One alley is just an alley. Three alleys are a series, ten alleys is a project!

Credits: stratski

One airplane is a coincidence (or a nuisance, if you live near an airport, like I used to), ten are the Airplane Files.

City Safari
Another fun project is the wildlife safari. Even the most mundane area will yield a wide range of wildlife. Just remember to pack your macro lens.

Credits: stratski

Vary Your Film
Still not convinced your neighbourhood has lots to offer? Then don’t change neighbourhoods, change films! Everything looks cooler cross processed, warmer in redscale, more sophisticated in black and white.

Credits: stratski

So you see, living in a ‘boring’ neighbourhood is no excuse to leave your camera at home!

All pictures were taken in my own neighborhood, the not very exciting, except for the airplanes, which date back from my previous neighborhood.

written by stratski on 2011-10-08 #gear #tutorials #inspiration #looking #tipster #photo-walk #suburbs #neigbourhood #open-mind


  1. pinkpix
    pinkpix ·

    The kitty mask made me laugh. Love the oldtimer cars!

  2. kenribasar
    kenribasar ·


  3. sobiksaabik
    sobiksaabik ·

    Volvos, Volvos, and what about Saabs? Look at my lomohome for Saabs! ;-)

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