LomoAmigo: Band of Skulls takes us on tour!

Russell Marsden is the guitarist and vocalist of cool alternative rock outfit Band of Skulls. We gave him a Supersampler, Colorsplash AND a Fisheye and sent him out into the night to shoot his tour in Analogue style. Find out what he got up to here…

Name: Russell
Age: old enough to know better
Location: montreal Canada

How did you become Band Of Skulls?

Matt and Russell were always playing music as kids Emma came along a little later and never left.

What do you love most about your life right now?

Sharing music with people all around the world.

And least?

Sleep deprivation.

Where were your photos shot?

Touring the USA Canada Europe and maybe Japan

What did you think of the camera?

The Supersampler and Fisheye are our favourites. The Colour Splash makes airports difficult as it looks like a gun on the x-ray.

Are an experienced Lomographer or are you new to this whole thing?

Yes! A Supersampler always travels with me on trips away.

We love life on film, so if someone made a film of Band Of Skulls, who would you have play each band member and what would happen?

Ourselves ?!? Drinks, waiting around and a Rockshow !!!

And which of your songs would be the theme song?

The devil takes care of his own

So, Hollywood dreams aside, what’s coming up next in your world?

Our second album comes out soon and then playing as many shows as we can.

Tune in tomorrow, Tuesday 4 October, as we’ll be revealing the newest video from Band Of Skulls, exclusively to you the lovely Lomography Community!

Tune in tomorrow, Tuesday 4 October, as we’ll be revealing the video for Band Of Skulls brand new single The Devil Takes Care of His Own exclusively to you the lovely Lomography Community!

Keep up to date with all the latest news on the Band Of Skulls Website and Twitter (@bandofskulls)

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