Sto. Niño, Bataan

Small town fiestas where every house is a buffet of Filipino Hospitality

During the month of January, All across the Philippines, the Feast of Santo Niño is celebrated. In a predominantly catholic country the feast is of great significance for it is the oldest religious image in the country that of the Child Jesus. While the original was brought to Cebu by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521, Barangay’s which were named after the wooden image celebrate their town fiesta with just as much love and devotion.

Going to a small town fiesta is in the countryside of the Philippines is a very unique experience, passers by get an invitation to almost every house they come by.I recently got to experience this again when I visited my aunt in Bataan. While there was a lot of sights to see on the farm and animals to chase and take photos of. I opted to capture the happy face of the visitors and people of the small . The variety of dishes during these gatherings are as numerous as the number of houses open to random dishes. Being of mix heritage,Filipino dishes are astoundingly diverse and influenced by Malay, Spanish, Chinese and American cooking. Paella, the famous slow roasted pig, Goat Caldereta, and of course the rice desserts Biko, sapin-sapin, kalamay all of which take a day to prepare so you better show your appreciation to your nice hosts.

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