It's Hip to be Square with the Diana+ Rumble Winner Announcement


It’s hip to be square, so the saying goes – and it’s cool to be on a square-format shot frenzy with the plastic wonder Diana+ – as shown by our rumble winner!

When you beg to differ, it gets hip in an unusual kind of way, like our It's Hip to be Square rumble series. Shooting with 120 film with the Diana+ is an extreme awakening of the senses – creamy smooth backgrounds, lush saturation and of course the celebrated square medium-format.

An exceptional example of the hip possibilities you can do is with grad's exquisite photo of fluttering birds across the wonderful square plane. Congratulations, and 10 piggies are flying to your lomohome soon!

For the winner, please head on to our Rumble FAQ and our Piggy Matters FAQ for queries. Congratulations and thank you for continuously supporting our rumbles!

written by kazarareta on 2009-03-06 #news #competition #rumble #120 #square #diana


  1. adzfar
    adzfar ·

    congrats Grad :)

  2. ndroo
    ndroo ·

    Cool! Perfect timing. Congrats.

  3. lomosexual_manboy
    lomosexual_manboy ·

    Very cool shot.

  4. hhjm
    hhjm ·


  5. disdis
    disdis ·

    Congrats, great one!

  6. dogma
    dogma ·

    Nice! Congrats Grad!

  7. breakphreak
    breakphreak ·

    my favorite shot! Поздравляю! 祝贺!

  8. mattcharnock
    mattcharnock ·

    Wow thats amazing!

  9. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    congratulations, grad, great shot!

  10. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    Yeah - a great capture!

  11. masha_njam
    masha_njam ·


  12. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    congratz to grad!

  13. libellule
    libellule ·

    Beautiful... congratulations!

  14. leatherheart
    leatherheart ·

    ..posterized.....but very powerful.

  15. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    That's a beautiful shot grad! Congrats! :))

  16. goldie
    goldie ·

    Congrats, wonderful shot

  17. specialblewah
    specialblewah ·

    wowww amazing shot!!!

  18. stouf
    stouf ·

    That's the one !

  19. pila_
    pila_ ·

    Good work! :)

  20. katya-leontyeva
    katya-leontyeva ·

    ооо супер!

  21. kirri-joy
    kirri-joy ·

    ohhh fantastic. stunning, really.

  22. breakphreak
    breakphreak ·
    "Angels of the Universe"

    If you've seen that Islandic movie - you know what I am talking about!

    If you didn't - maybe you should :)

  23. comezone
    comezone ·

    great shot! congrats my friend

  24. comezone
    comezone ·

    conGRADS! haha

  25. ammar
    ammar ·

    good one

  26. japsix
    japsix ·

    ЮЮЮХХХУУУУУ!!! круто!! ))поздравляююю11111

  27. gleby
    gleby ·


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