Pick Up Some Holga Cameras at the Lomography Attic Sale

Looking for affordable Holga and Pinhole cameras? You’ve come to the right place! Pick up yours at our Lomography Attic Sale!

As you may now know, we’ve been cleaning up and put a lot of our stuff on sale for registered community members. This time, we came across a box of Holga cameras and accessories, as well as some neat Pinhole goodies. Hurry! grab these spankin’ cameras while you can!

Holga 120 Twin Lens Reflex Camera
Holga 135 Camera Package
Holga Starter Kit - Green
Holga Starter Kit - Black
135 Adapter for Holga 120 Stereo Camera
Holga 3D Slide Viewer
Holga Filter Set
Pinhole Blender 120mm
Pinhole Art Combo

The Lomography Attic Sale items are only available for community members with registered LomoHomes.

written by nyebe on 2011-10-03 #news #pinhole #sale #cameras #accessories #lomography #holga #discounts #attic-sale

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