Square Your Pictures with Agfa Vista 100 35mm

Feeling curious about the result that can be produced by the Agfa Vista 100 film, I decided to get a roll of it and load it into my Diana Mini camera. To my surprise, it produced even brighter colors and sharper contrast than most of the usual negatives with ISO 100 film speed.

The Agfa Vista 100 35mm film seems to produce almost the same results as the Lomography Color Negative 100 — which has come to be my favorite film — for the reason that it gave a much clearer photo and a higher density of light sensitivity. After loading the Agfa Vista 100 in my Diana Mini, I clicked the shutter button at just everything I see, just to test for what this newly bought film would look like. Just an honest opinion here, the film has fine grains — I can enormously see them in most of my photos. The film gives out practically perfect toned colors. For art’s sake, this film seems to be a little saturated and has high color contrast.

To get a good shot, I went to the streets during the sunny days. The ISO 100 is probably going to produce underexposed image under low light conditions. Maybe, if compared with Fuji Superia 100, this film can bring out some negative feedback, but to people who find “art” out of perfection, this film can be their best call.

I recommend this film for anyone looking for C-41 film, as the colors in the shots are bolder than in nature.

written by isyraf on 2011-10-12 #gear #review #c41 #100-iso #agfa-vista #lomography #normal-process #shah-alam #diana-mini #user-review #requested

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