American Memorial Cemetery, Manila


The American Memorial Cemetery located in The BGC, Manila is not just another memorial cemetery. It boasts of a rich Filipino-American history which dates back to World War II.

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In the heart of the newest business district of Manila, the Bonifacio Global Center, lays a serene place that quietly holds the vast history of the Philippines and the US during World War II. The American Memorial Cemetery commemorates the men and women in uniform that fought the Japanese invasion in the Philippines during World War II. Inscribed on the crosses around the cemetery are the names of these gallant soldiers who fought during that time. Also on the walls of the Memorial centre are the different maps showing how the Americans meticulously attacked the Japanese coming into the island of the Philippines. On the walls also, the names of these soldiers were grouped from what regiment of battalions they belonged to. And the officers that lead their groups.

It was also surprising; I thought that I would only be reading the names of the American soldiers but included on the engraved list on the wall and on the crosses are names of Filipino soldiers that fought alongside the Americans. A dedication was also engraved on the front facade of the memorial center, honoring each and every soldier who gave their lives for the independence of our country.

Credits: boobert

I have visited many cemeteries before but this one comes as a surprise to me. Other cemeteries would creep me out or would just mean nothing, but the American Memorial Cemetery gave me a brief education on Filipino-American history and instead of being creeped out, it comes out as an emotional visit. During my visit, a former American soldier was there to pay tribute to those fallen soldiers by playing his trumpet.

Credits: boobert

This cemetery may not be a Halloween place to be, rather, a place to visit for a piece of history.

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