Ulu Chepor Waterfall Chemor, Perak

Ulu Chepor Waterfall, Chemor. Nature lovers will definitely love this place. Surrounded by lush greenery, this is a great place for a picnic

The Ulu Chepor Waterfall is located just 10km from Ipoh City and the place is surrounded by hills cloaked in a verdant tropical rainforest. The park can be reached by using Jalan Chemor Road near the Jelapang Toll Plaza. Head towards Chemor and Ulu Chepor, and it’s just four km away.

The first 1km has signs “Kaws. Sg picnic. Ulu Chepor”, 1km further, you’ll find paved village roads to the picnic area. The area has been developed with many amenities such as wooden chalets, chalets, rocks, a hall, campsites, toilets and a copy shop, restaurant, ground wire, parking and rest huts along most of the rapids for a picnic.

Ulu Chepor Picnic Area has been commercialized and maintained by the Ipoh City Council. Many of the facilities available at Ulu Chepor Picnic Area, such as toilets, prayer rooms, shops selling food and small huts for shelter for visitors. The paths to this area are also in good condition.

Ulu Chepor Picnic Area is a densely populated location in this area with people who have come for a rest or picnic. Apart from locals, the area is also becoming popular among foreign tourists. The condition of clean river water, waterfalls, and large rocks plus the shady and quiet atmosphere make the river suitable for Ulu Chepor family leisure activities.

It is a popular recreational place to relax, have a picnic, or do camping and trekking. The recreational park also has basic chalets for those wishing to stay and explore the jungles of the area.

Ulu Chepor is popular on hot days when people enjoy taking a dip in the refreshing, clean, clear, and cool water that flows down from the heights of the Kledang Hills. The more adventurous ones roam and explore the jungles through several trails that meander through the lush vegetation.

This recreational park is normally quiet on working days and people who love peace or enjoy bird watching, normally visit the park during less crowded times. Ulu Chepor is open daily, including weekends and public holidays. However, it is advisable to refrain from entering the water during rainy days.

Don’t forget to bring along your lomo camera.

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