SNATCH! Free Cable Release With Every Diana F+!

Check out our latest deal – save 17/20 EUR/USD when you get a Diana today!

Nocturnal Snatcheroos will be weak-kneed in delight with our latest Snatch! bargain. For excellent shake-free nighttime shots and long-exposures, you just can’t hold your breath forever … uh, can you? This is why we’re throwing in a FREE cable release with every purchase of a Diana F+ camera!

The Diana F+ is a reproduction of the 60s classic – medium-format, lo-fi, and soft-focused, equipped with new features. This includes – options to colorflash, go pinhole, panoramic, and even 35mm (when used with the Diana+ 35mm Back). The cable release will come in handy for those long-time exposures and night shots, when you need your camera to stay absolutely still!

SAVE 17 EUR/20USD with this Snatch! offer. (Offer only available when you buy the Diana F+ regular edition)

Visit the shop now!

written by lucasjakobsson on 2009-03-02 #news #cable-release #offer #snatch #diana

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