The Variety of Seattle

Seattle, Washington is not quite on the West Coast but it definitely has an original West Coast feel. The stereotype that it rains all the time is misleading. There is plenty of sun and color in Seattle and the rainy winters just make Seattlites all the more enthusiastic to celebrate color all year long.

Seattle is full of diversity. There is very little cookie-cutter attitude about anything. There is a large and varied selection of markets, including a large farmers’ market association. Neighborhood festivals take place all year long to celebrate the diversity in cultures. Beach walks are as popular in the Winter as in the Summer. Living close to Puget Sound allows you to breathe in a densely populated urban setting and Seattlites just love to be outside. The architecture is original and varied. No two residential streets look alike. There is delicious coffee everywhere from a large selection of independent coffee shops. Seattle is a big city without the big city attitude or challenges. It’s comfortable, welcoming, manageable, and friendly. And never ever boring.

written by bodanzarama on 2011-10-10 #places #coffee #seattle #location #puget-sound #local-flavor #pike-place-market #select-type-of-location #neighborhoods #west-seattle

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