Lomography is Everywhere!


Low on inspiration? Lomography’s right next door!

Want to get your paws on your camera, but too lazy or too tired to take a walk to your local park or high street? Same here! But I have a solution which will keep your tired self and your camera satisfied.

All you have to do is take a stroll round your house and whatever catches your eye, take a picture of it! Dead simple right? And you could end up with some great shots.

You could take photos of random things you find in your house.

Credits: houda21

I know flowers can be incredibly boring, but they are also incredibly photogenic. Take advantage of the bunch of flowers your gran brings, or the old daffodil growing in your garden.

Credits: houda21

And then, there are pets! I know not everyone owns pets but you could always take advantage of the stray bird, or when the neighbor’s cat jumps mischievously into your personal space. Using a 4-lens camera is always good with birds but works good with other animals too.

Credits: houda21

Don’t forget that October is the best time for autumn pictures so go to your garden, or front drive and take some awesome pictures!


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  1. domo-guy
    domo-guy ·

    My room is just filled with random stuff to photograph...

  2. moccappucino07
    moccappucino07 ·

    but i don't have any flash :(

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