Photographing Southend Pier

How to get an edge on photographing the sea?

Photographing water is a tricky act. Don’t you think?

But don’t fear lomographers, I recently went to sea and managed to get some awesome shots. Want to the know the secret? Why yes, it’s the good old sun!

Credits: houda21

Okay, the sky might look rather cloudy in that shot, but it was lurking in the corner casting it’s beautiful light on us all and making that ripples in the sea really stand out. I also managed to get some great overlapping pictures. Just take a picture of your mate or even an object, then without winding, take a picture of the sea. Unfortunately I haven’t got any to show you of that because I took pictures of people who’d rather stay off the world wide web, but you get the idea.

Credits: houda21

The sea’s vastness and immensity really shows in lomographs, so never miss an opportunity because you’ll regret it! Isolated beaches are also good spots because then you can get great wide photos and no one’s head will be in the way!

Now, I’m still a beginner myself and the sun could’ve been brighter, but make the most of the days when the sun is still coming out before the cold, hard winter is on its way!

written by houda21 on 2011-10-05 #lifestyle #sea #pier #film #tip #photography #trick #doubles #lomography #analogue-lifestyle

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