Views of Matala (Crete Island)

Interesting place for beach a panoramic view inside the cave.

Matala is a little village on the south-coast of the Greek Island Crete. If you are just interested in lying on the beach and go swimming you are absolutely right here. BUT if you come here you will soon find out about the caves of Matala or maybe it is the only reason why you will come there like I did.

The caves were used as a habitation for people in the Neolithic and later, while the Roman Occupation of Greece, to bury the dead. In the 1960s lots of Hippies came to Matala to live in the caves. They wanted to escape from the middle-class lifestyle their parents used to live.

Also lots of Americans came here because they refused their participation in the Vietnam War. But they were dislodged after one cave caved-in and a person was killed. It is also said that the Hippies were dislodged because they left lots of dirt and rubbish everywhere around and in the caves.

Today the caves are a tourist attraction, the entrance is free. It is very interesting to see the marks the Hippies left in the caves, for example paintings and fire-places. But you can also find marks from earlier times. Just keep your eyes open!

The best thing there is the great and breathtaking view you have from above. You can climb up the rocks if you are fit and climbing is used to you, so don’t forget fitting foot gear! But it is also possible to take the little trails from cave to cave. The result is almost the same. The reward for all your exertions is the mentioned panoramic view.

So if you ever will come to Crete don’t miss to visit these impressing and extraordinary places! You will never forget it!


written by agrimony on 2008-05-09 #places #art #culture #analog #location #crete-island

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