Lomotrip to Malta

A very special trip to the Mediterranean island of Malta with my Diana.

As we flew to Malta, I knew roughly what to expect because I already knew the island. I’ve attended a language course in Valletta, and lived there for a few weeks.

I was absolutely excited to have managed to get a very cheap flight. Malta is a stunning island, it’s a tiny world hidden away in the sea from time and hassle. We stayed in a small, reasonably priced room in the city of Valletta. The house belonged to a hearty old granny who had all the time in the world – it was as if she never had anything to do!

Armed with my Diana F +, I went on a discovery tour of the city. In Valletta, time seems to stand still. In the ancient city of palaces and numerous stairs, you can see traces of centuries past, like the rings of a tree, plunging the city in a peaceful and eternal spirit.

Sunken roofs, textured walls, filigreed balconies, weathered signs, Mediterranean markets, gardens, and from all sides, the wind blowing from the sea. All worries and bad thoughts seemed just a distant memory of the mainland.

We had almost no money and we were beginning to worry about how we would survive, but in Malta, it’s not that bad. Every day, we took the bus for 40 cents back and forth all over the country to look at more beautiful places left behind by modernity. We traveled on rickety buses from the ’50s to romantic villages with an Italian flair.

Adventurous explorations including climbing the cliffs to the east of the island and discovering other non-touristy locations made ​​our trip a very special one. It felt like being a treasure hunter who with his Diana, went on an idyllic and carefree search and returned home with a lot of joy and satisfaction.

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written by kumquatquat on 2011-10-20 #places #location #travel-tips #malta-valletta-diana-f-mediterranean-travel
translated by webo29

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