Lomography Gallery Store Milan Staff: You Think You Know but You Have No Idea!!!


Well community, today is a new day! We could call it the “Revelation Day”. The Lomography Gallery Store of Milan will no longer have secrets in its closet! It’s about time to introduce the crew who works for you everyday. Ready? Let’s go!

Our Lovely Store in Milan is situated in one of the most ancient and beloved parts of the city called Brera. This romantic historical and cultural district is sorrounded, every single day, by a unique atmosphere that accompanies each event and exhibition. We breathe art, history, eccentricity and love in this amazing heart of Milan. Our windows are always colorful and attractive and if you enter guess who will welcome you?

Our Shop Assistants


Known as “Capellona”, between sales, she always puts a smile on your face by telling you amusing anecdotes.


A very gentle and polite guy! He is always available and he loves reading essays. We call him the “Wiseman”!


You bet he would be one of those people who would be accommodating to anyone! He always has a smile on his face. He has a unique kindness that he shows to everyone in every circumstance except, if you prohibit him from eating Los (his favourite Chinese take away food)! Code Name: Los Zymo!


Passionate about photography and music, he delights us with a strange little scream. Well known as Wu Tang’ Alan, he thinks he is the 11th member of that crew (and we let him believe just that).

Downstairs, at the back, you will find a shady office and a crowded desk from which everything is kept an eye on. There you will find this girl:

Ana, the Store Manager.

A sweet Brazilian woman who doesn’t dance samba but knows how to manage the store. She stays at the store all the time, looking and buying any type of analogue camera. Her Brazilian/Italian accent makes us laugh out loud. She loves to talk to people. Known as Ana A.K.A the Store Boss.

The Office

Now, if you suddenly see some smoke coming from upstairs, don’t worry! There are just 3 people and their smoking minds working. Going up the stairs, you will find the office. Let’s see who we have there:

Elisa, General Manager.

A mixture of kindness and self-control, she puts everybody at ease. She faces unexpected challenges and always makes it a point to overcome them. The soundtrack of her life is rock ’n roll as she is a rocker!

Alessia, Online Manager.

She monitors everything that happens in the network and doesn’t miss a thing! She manages collaboration, editing and writing for Lomography. She is literally trapped all day working, but when she takes a break she is the cutest and funniest girl ever! She aims to achieve all of her objectives. She is a dreamer!

Mattia, PR & Marketing Manager

He works in public relations and he expresses his opinions about everything. He mysteriously rides in the city on his bike, with a cigarette in his mouth. He looks like someone from the “Dead Poet’s Society”. We call him the “Coolest New Age Philosopher”.

Laura Online Intern

Laura AKA Biri/Pucci/Puppi is the newest addition to this little crazy world, and she fits perfectly here. Between a burst of laugh and a candy licorice, she works hard in order to make all our Lomographers comfortable in our community! This office is more lively with her in it!

So, now you know the team, make sure you follow them to get the latest on Lomography!

Lomography is a Community, a Magazine and a Shop .

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  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    nice to meet you all! :)

  2. alessiab
    alessiab ·

    @superlighter THANKS!!!!!

  3. minchi
    minchi ·

    W the lomo team!

  4. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    Hello Milan Team! :D
    Greetings from Malaysia! :))

  5. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    Haloo Milan!

  6. alessiab
    alessiab ·

    CIAOOOO everybody!!! :D

  7. spoeker
    spoeker ·

    lovely team :D
    Greetings from Cologne <3

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