Urban Adventure: The Brooklyn Bridge


On my first trip to New York City this July, on a super hot sunny day, I did the right-of-passage walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It has always been known to be a photographic mecca, so one camera just wasn’t enough.

On my pilgrimage to The Brooklyn Bridge I took both my trusty Lomo LC-A and my all-time-plastic-fantastic Diana Mini. I wanted to capture every aspect of this iconic New York landmark.

On one of the hottest summer days in New York City in the last 10 years, I took the subway to Brooklyn and began my Converse-clad wander towards the distant arches of the bridge.

Not only is the bridge an architectural wonder in itself, but the views across Manhattan and Brooklyn are beautiful panoramas, even the view of the inbound and outbound traffic below the pedestrian walkway is mesmerizing, with a mix of town cars, taxis, and the odd pick-up truck.

Through my 2 weeks in New York, I must say that the walk across the Brooklyn Bridge was one of my favorite, most authentic NYC experiences. I went at around 10am, so it wasn’t busy at all. If you are looking at taking photos of the Manhattan skyline, check that it isn’t a high smog day, so you get nice, clear shots.

And if you do the walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn (reserve to what I did), there are heaps of cool places to check out in Brooklyn, cafes, galleries, and street art.

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