The Wedding Documentation: A Side Story

Let’s have some fun and be creative to make a wedding documentary special and unique!

On September 24th, in Taipei, I used films and an analog camera to document the beautiful moment of her happiness.

It was her “big” day. Her face reveals joy and happiness, which blessed the start of the day!

The beautiful bride and her lovely bridesmaids. While the parents are busy welcoming the guests and chatting, we started to have some fun in the room.

There is no way we will show those pictures to her parents! But there is only one such chance in your life to wear that beautiful wedding gown, how could we miss the chance of being a bit naughty? Also, the photos above are just for a comical act and for entertainment purposes only. They are all good girls!)

Aside from being funny, let’s show some style.

This picture is titled, “Dragon and Lion Dance!” Who would believe that you could hide 3 bridesmaids under the bridal dress?

With happiness pouring in, let us bless this lovely bride! We wish for her to live happily ever after.

Who could claim that wedding documentary is for digital cameras only? Film can be used to capture those happy moments too!

written by umi on 2011-10-04 #lifestyle #love #wedding #bride #lomo #lomography #lc-a #analogue-lifestyle #kuso
translated by kcmuguet

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