Right outside of Albuquerque is Tinkertown! A small miniature museum with walls made from glass bottles and tons of handmade figurines.

Tinkertown is a folk art museum that is located about 20 minutes outside of Albuquerque on the way to the tram. The museum takes about an hour to walk through. It features walls made from glass bottles and dozens of scenes made up of handmade wooden figurines.

Many of the figurines and much of the museum itself was built by it’s creator Ross Ward. Each scene is different and allows for interesting experimentation in long exposures and with your flash. Part of the exhibit is dedicated exclusively to the circus and to clowns.

The staff are extremely friendly and admission is cheap. Photography is allowed in all the exhibits. Sunlight is the main source of light allowing for beautiful, naturally light photos. A flash is helpful for darker corners and hidden spots.

The back of the museum boasts of a boat and beautiful pathways made from stone and glass. There is a variety of lighting for different effects throughout the whole place.

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