White Water Rafting (Cagayan De Oro)

Water rafting in Cagayan River is adventure experience and fun.

For a walk or in this case, a raft in the wild side, head over to Cagayan River in Cagayan de Oro to get your adrenaline fix. The raging river is home to 14 rapids ranging from Class II to Class IV rapids.

With a mantra “paddle or die” this exercise is nothing but fun! The guides are accommodating and have large dry bags for you to put your belongings and Lomo cams during the extreme parts while on the lulls in between you can shoot and click to your hearts content.

Near the end of the 3 hour ride, there is a graduation rock, a huge boulder in the very center of the river where you can climb and jump – a traditional rite for first timers. After you get into contact with the guides, they will pick you up from your hotel straight to the river to start off the adventure. The cost is around $30 per head. Its better to go in groups as the minimum number of people on a raft is 4.

Links: http://www.raftingcdo.com/


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