Images of Celebrities with Analog Music (Vinyls)

Vinyl is to music what Lomography is for photography: authentic reality that lets you access directly the essence of the art in question. No filters, no perfection, no additives that alter the original result. Here are some images of celebrities enjoying their vinyls.

Besides photography, I am also passionate about music. With music, I can think the same as with photography, I enjoy more through the analog road than the digital choice. The pleasure of taking a vinyl, appreciating the design of the cover, choosing the side, placing it on the plate and then choosing the song or cut you want to hear. It is an experience that has nothing to do with pressing the song number in a CD. The climax of the ritual comes when you take the arm, and as gently as you can, place the needle in the selected cut. Next comes the real, analog sound that the artist recorded (and not “remastered” as they now do with everything).

Many celebrities also enjoyed the ritual. Some do so because they had no choice as it was the state of technology, and many others do so for devotion. Here are some old snapshots with the vinyl as a common element.

Photos via Dangerous Minds

There’s nothing like enjoying a wonderful album of images (analog, of course), as we hear the characteristic sound of a vinyl sample favorite music. All analog. Every feeling. All authentic. A pleasure only available to those who value the essence of photography and music in its purest form: Analog.

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