Tulsa Living: A Quick Guide Around Tulsa's Midtown


It took me about 10 years to figure out Tulsa, but I believe I am ready to tell you about some of this town’s coolest areas. Instead of going through the suburban routine, let me show you some of Tulsa’s real character and uniqueness. From the huge golden man looking over the fairgrounds, to my favorite secret locations on Riverside, Tulsa is a great place for any lomographer looking for inspiration.

If you ever find yourself wandering around Tulsa…wander no more. Pull up this quick guide and begin your adventure.

In my opinion, midtown is Tulsa’s most interesting and unique area, full of art, fashion, and the past. A good place to start would be the Golden Driller, a 76-foot-tall statue proudly looking over Tulsa. Heading north on Harvard Street, look out for many private antique shops, mini flea markets, skate shops, and old-fashioned burger joints. If you choose to head west, go straight all the way to the banks of the Arkansas River. Park on 31st and Riverside, and cross over the river on the old wooden pedestrian bridge. Once on Riverside, you can take a stroll down North, if you are in the mood for walking you can go past the very old Spotlight Theater (built in 1929) and all the way down to the closed off Route 66 Bridge. I love exploring that area, it’s very industrial, but if you really want to explore, look under the bridges, where you can find some great graffiti. For a smaller town, Tulsa has a lot of history to offer. If you ever find yourself passing through this town, make sure you bring plenty of film.

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  1. glenn
    glenn ·


  2. yogiabb
    yogiabb ·

    Great article. Great photographs. I love Tulsa well. You certainly know the city and I agree that Midtown over to the river is the most interesting area. As a south Tulsan though I do appreciate that you had one photo in your set from there.

  3. jakub17
    jakub17 ·

    Indeed, South Tulsa has plenty of exciting places as well. Great to see another Tulsan on here!!

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