Behind the Scenes with Vincent Moon


In the backstage of the 16th edition of Milano Film Festival this year, we found ourselves face to face with Vincent Moon. He is a French documentary filmmaker who is also very passionate about cinema, music, and photography.

Vincent Moon is an all-round artist, a wandering spirit whose hunger for beauty made his life a stop motion of passions, works, travels, and filmmaking. In Milan, he came to present a selection of his works but he also found time to answer some of our questions.

How did you started making movies?
Photography is my background, making movies was the natural evolution of it. As I loved photos and music, I just added both, bringing pictures into a movement.

What’s your main inspiration?
Travelling. I’m travelling non-stop since 3 years. Making movies is just a pretest for travelling and meeting people. I don’t see movies but I score them almost every day when I’m travelling. For creating you don’t have to think too much

Which cameras do you use?
For movies I use a Panasonic digital camera. When I was a photographer, I also used original Russian Lomo cameras. Since I started making movies, I don’t have enough time for taking photos.

Being a director, is it important to keep taking pictures?
Very important! For image, aesthetic, it’s extremely important framing the world. This is actually my background!

What’s your next project?
Now I’m going to Colombia for 2 weeks, then for 3 months in Indonesia to score a documentary on local traditional music. When I go to a new place, I don’t have any contact, I just go there, I have a look around, then I think about what to do and finally I score a movie.

Do you think the Film Festival would be more similar to Music Festivals, like Milano Film Festival?
Yes, you can see that: live shows, open air screenings. It’s a different approach but it’s a good way to gather.

Well, you have a French accent, is Vincent Moon your real name?
No, My real name is Mathieu and I’m from Paris. I took this name ten years ago by an evil character from a Jorge Luis Borges Story.

It seems that his endless pursuit and passion for his work allow him to keep finding new inspirations and collaborations.

If you are curious to know more closely Vincent Moon and deepen its participation in the Milano Film Festival, sit back and watch here.

2011 – Milano Film Festival – Adelia, I Want to Love (A film about Mogwai) – Soundoc from Milano Film Festival on Vimeo.

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    That guy makes me proud to be French : ). Check out his 'concerts à emporter' (…)

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    Help Vincent Moon complete four films shot at ATP festival in the UK:

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