Agfa Vista ISO 100 35mm

The Agfa Vista 100 35mm film is a light hungry film that does well in daylight, and if you’re lucky, yields mysterious photos in twilight.

Being at ISO 100, Agfa Vista ISO 100 35mm film needs quite a lot of light in order to achieve proper exposure and thus, produce satisfying and nice photos. Therefore, it is the best to use it in the daytime, or indoors with a lot of bright lights.

I used my Diana Mini and sometimes, when I think that the film requires more light, I use the flash, with color filters sometimes for a fun effect).

However, I have no idea why, that towards the end of the film, I got flares of orange. Could it be that I exposed the film too much? I don’t think so, because the above photo only had two multi-exposures in low light conditions.

But I like the flares, as for most of the time, they give the photos quite a lot of character and add tones of warmth and fire to them.

If you want try the film under low-light conditions, remember to either use the bulb setting (and be sure to have a steadier hand than mine!).

Or you could try it during dusk/twilight, when there’s still certain amount of sunlight. This will produce a very strong and mysterious-looking vignette, especially if you have a light source somewhere in the photo.

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