The Party is ON in Santa Monica!

And Fire Groove light dancers are here to join the party!

It’s a light painting party here in Santa Monica! Fire Groove dancers are putting on a show, painting the night with their live light performance!

We’re all snacking on Russian appetizers and mini cupcakes from famed LA bakers Sprinkles!

We’re poppin’ bottles of local California champagne and wine with Russian beer to boot!

We have community members from all over LA in attendance – and a few Lomography crew members all the way from New York!

Back to the party – gotta ring Santa Monica in in style :)

Cheers from the Lomography team in Santa Monica!

written by abpos on 2011-10-06 #news #santa-monica #lomo #lomography #grand-opening-party #lomography-gallery-store-opening #santa-monica-opening #lgs-santa-monica

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