Church of the Annunciation

A Church that design with very unique and has grottos or cave on the lower part.

A Byzantine church was built over the place where it is believed the angel Gabriel announced the birth of Jesus to the Virgin Mary. In 1966 the Roman Catholic Church began constructing a new basilica over these remains and today this church is the largest church building in the Middle East.

Magnificent mosaics, works of art and ceramic relieves (banners) contributed by Roman Catholic communities from around the world adorn the vast interior, while an imposing Italian designed mosaic adorns the altar. Outside, a courtyard connects to the Church of St. Joseph’s Carpentry.

The modern Church of the Annunciation is topped with a uniquely-shaped concrete dome 55 meters high. Its shape is based on the Madonna lily, a symbol of the Virgin Mary. Inside, the basilica consists of an upper church and a lower church. The vast upper church is decorated with mosaics of the Virgin donated by communities from around the world. The lower church centres on the Grotto or Cave of the Annunciation, where the angelic announcement to Mary is believed to have occurred. Also visible down here are remains of the Byzantine and Crusader churches that preceded the present one.

Jesus spent his boyhood years in Nazareth before beginning his ministry when he was about 30.
Visit: Daily 8:00-11:45am and 2-6pm (5pm in winter)
Sunday and feast days: 2 pm-5:30pm (4:30pm in winter)

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