Falling for Fall: “Parque del Amor”


Love’s magic is around “Parque del Amor”. You can smell it, see it, or taste it in every little place and detail of this traditional park in Perú.

“El Parque del Amor” is located in the Miraflores district of Lima, Perú, where people come to enhance their love.

It is like poetry in front of the sea. You can feel, hear, taste, and touch the flavor, just in front of the gate, introducing you to this special and unique adventure.

Look around. The biggest ode to love is just in front of your eyes, a magnificent work of art.

A big sculpture in the middle provokes your senses. The love is printed on the walls. Tiles written by famous and not so famous writers who represent the desire to tell the word something about love.

It’s a magical place, with a lot of little lovers’ histories. Go and write on the wall your own story.

written by jonathansajoux on 2011-10-07 #places #peru #location #lima #local-flavor #love-park #miraflores #select-type-of-location #falling-for-fall #parque-del-amor

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  1. pomps
    pomps ·

    Lovely park! And so the photos!

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