Russia Day LC-A+ Submitted on Shutterlog!

Look who’s the latest analogue beauty to get featured in Mijonju and Cameron Lew’s Shutterlog project—it’s Lomography’s Russia Day LC-A+!

If you’ve been following analogue celebrity Mijonju’s projects, you must already be familiar with *Shutterlog*, his latest offering aside from the Mijonju Show. In this project, Mijonju, along with his friend, Cameron Lew, collates videos of camera shutters in action submitted by analogue-loving people around the world. The videos are featured in a YouTube channel dedicated to the project. Curious and want to learn more? Check out Lomography’s recent Analogue Lifestyle feature on Shutterlog!

Now, one of the most recent ShutterLog submissions is our very own *Russia Day LC-A+*, submitted by Kenneth Setiono! Watch the video below:

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