La Sardina: Long Exposure


One of La Sardina’s features is the Bulb mode. With this, you can capture wonderful images!

If you want to experiment with long exposure photograhs, La Sardina’s Bulb mode is your best friend. Just flick the switch to bulb mode and you are on your way to capturing amazing night time images. With the bulb setting, you can easily capture streams of light!

Prepare a tripod and place it on a location where you want to capture light streams or other subjects. If you don’t have a tripod, don’t fret! You can always use a sturdy surface instead. Just make sure that your camera won’t wobble while you are taking your picture! Experiment on taking pictures of different objects! You might be surprised at how your picture turns out!

Here are a few pictures of long exposure photos using the La Sardina from the community.

Credits: renaishashin & awfullysasha

Learn more about the La Sardina here

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