Chania (Crete Island)

Crete Island that people believe beneath of this has another city or an ancient town.

Here’s a story about a superb town, one of the most beautiful in the whole Crete Island. What more, it has a unique story… People say that there is another city, an ancient town, buried just under the today’s Chania, so no-one can make any excavations or something, to get the needed pieces of the puzzle.

Another thing – Chania has saved a lot of the Venetian times, so that is why sometimes you get the feeling that you’re in Italy, and not in the southern Greece, to be precise – the Crete Island. What about the sea? Yes, of course – you can have it here as well, and even a long walk near the main little harbor, where hundreds of natives are just waiting for you.

Wanna ride with a horse? Wanna eat some traditional food? Wanna see something spectacular? My advice – take a camera into one hand and a tourist-guide into another, cause there is always something very spectacular, which you could easily miss. For example, I was standing in front of a very interesting house, and only after some time I read that this one is the oldest building with the Venetian ornaments. I did go to the old town, where there are no tourists… Narrow streets, abandoned buildings, lots of steps and stairs… Sometimes you get the feeling, that you’re lost, but then just try to hear the crowd’s voice and head towards. Of course, you will come to the harbor.

There is a huge market, lots of churches, a castle and so on, so if you plan to spend there just a few hours, forget it… It was the same with me, but I did even stay there for the night, cause I just could not resist shooting so many fisheye shots of these crazy buildings, narrow streets and so on. If you want my advice, take the fisheye with you and ISO 100 for the clear places, or ISO 400 for old town, where people have built houses, which do save them from sunlight during hot summer day. Enjoy, and always remember – you are walking not only in the town of Chania, but also on the upper floor of the town, buried under the ground.


written by jogintas on 2008-05-09 #places #art #culture #analog #location #crete-island

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