Ventė's Horn

A Castle that destroy by the sea.

There is a legend which says something like that: in the XIV century the Germans built the Vindenburg castle, but the Sea (the Curonian Bay/Gulf/Lagoon) destroyed it. Can you imagine that? The place, where people where living was destroyed by our mother nature! Well, in fact, it‘s only a legend, and I am not sure if it is still underwater, but there were times, when people could dive into that place. Today we have a lighthouse and ornithological station, were birds are being watched and registered.

It is one of the oldest stations in the whole Europe, not mentioning the super wild plane of it. The Horn of Ventė, or Ventė‘s Horn is the border of Lithuania and till there wasn‘t built a channel for ships, many of them just drowned in this place. The Ventė’s Horn is just in the center of migrating bird route, so it is very easy to check the situation of birds and so on…

There is even a museum, so if you are a huge fan of birds and ornithology, than here’s the place you must visit. For me, I just search for a beautiful place to shoot and don’t think, and a long stone pier is one of the best places for that. It is windy, but very sunny there in summertime, so take any ISO film you want, and any camera you like. Whatever you do, this place makes your shots look delightful.


written by jogintas on 2008-05-09 #places #sea #castle #lithuania #location #horn #klaipeda-county

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