Palace of Lithuanian Rulers


This story is so hot today, that I just can not pass it without mentioning something about it. The Palace (or Castle) of Lithuanian Rulers (or Monarchs, or Kings). It can be even named the Castle of the Rulers of Lithuania… So no such real name? How can it be?

Well, this is just because I am trying to translate the name of the ancient building, which reconstruction started just some months ago… How can it be? Lithuanian politicians and historical enthusiasts got the idea, that we should rebuild this glorious building, which, to be precise, even did not exist for some time. It’s not the story, that someone is trying to renovate, or rebuilt the building which has half-collapsed. No! In the year 1831 (or 1880, depending on different facts) this building was destroyed to ground, and till the 2002 we had such a nice park without even an idea, that we had such a tremendous building here.

But now we are going to build a new-old one! So in 2002 some politicians, who have money, and some historians, who have ideas and know-how gathered their ideas and powers and started thinking, how could a building look like even in the XIV century. Lots of papers, books, manuscripts were tested, so as we had a lot of information about it, we could even think of building a genuine copy of the building.

It will have three floors, a basement, cellars and so on, well – everything, that Lithuanian Knights could want to have, except that we do not have those Knights any more… Today I shot only the construction site, but I guess the project will be finished in near future, so I will surely update my shots of this interesting idea: “building a new one, which is an old one…” J Maybe some other countries will follow the Lithuanian idea and rebuild their Babylon or Atlantis?


FACT – how it looked like back in Napoleon’s times:

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  1. jelga
    jelga ·

    yesssss! i was there recently and at first i thought they were restoring some old building but then somebody told me the crazy story about them actually building a new-old palace....CRAZY

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