A place that you can hide after the tiring modern life in the city.

If you are looking for a weekend or day trip away from the urban stress of Metro Manila, try Tanay in the province of Rizal. It is a municipality that has diverse natural and man-made attractions. You can drive or take a Jeepney or FX taxi ride from EDSA Central terminal.

The trip takes about two to three hours, depending on the traffic. One of the popular places to visit in Tanay is the Parola (lighthouse) surrounded by fishponds, Laguna de Bay, and some mountains. I went there at sunset and it was very beautiful. Very near the Parola are Tanay Park and Tanay Church, which are also quaint spots worth visiting.

From the town proper, you can easily drive on the well paved road towards Daranak Falls and Batlag Falls. If you are feeling adventurous and have more time to spare, you can go to Daraitan River. From the Tanay public market you can take a Jeepney to Daraitan. When you get to the jump-off point, you start the trek by crossing the river and then walking on rocky terrain. A large campsite there can accommodate many tents. The place offers lots of activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, river trekking, swimming, caving, mountain climbing, and kayaking. The river trek was fun. I almost dropped my LC-A in the water while I was in one of the caves. I’m glad my little black Russian camera survived the trip.



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