The Lomographic World in Monochrome


Imagine being forced to see the world in just one color; what would it be like? Which colors would you paint the town with? Let’s revisit the concept of monochrome, and see how it presents itself in our Lomographic world!

When we speak of monochrome photography-wise, perhaps there is one thing that immediately comes to mind: black and white photos. However, the term lends itself to many other colorful possibilities, not only in photography, but also in the art world.

But of course, as monochrome primarily pertains to everything black and white, we simply cannot ignore them despite the “absence” of colors. After all, photography started out with black and white photos, and history has known many notable photographers with memorable monochromatic works.

Credits: zenline, lomodirk, stouf, susielomovitz & fivedayforecast

In our own Lomographic world, we are also never strangers to monochrome. Black and white remains one of the most beloved and challenging photographic techniques. But there are also redscale photos with scarlet shades varying in intensity, from seemingly shy sepia to fiercely fiery reds. Cross-processing also produces snapshots with a monochromatic feel, as certain slide films are known to lean towards blues, greens, yellows, pinks, and purples.

Credits: vicuna, bravebird, grad, mephisto19 & anarchy

Why, some of our very own Lomographic beauties, the timeless Diana F+ and her little sister, the Diana Mini, even got a monochromatic treatment, but not without vivid colors! The Diana F+ now comes in Buttercup and True Blue, while the Mini now comes in Twilight Blue and Fern Green. Made even more eye-catching, these Lomography favorites are ready to give the analogue world some vibrant monochromes!

So, if you are forced to see the world in just one hue, which color would you choose? And, if you could arm yourself with a Monochrome Diana, which of them would you like to shoot with? Tell us through a comment below!

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  1. emperornorton
    emperornorton ·

    I think the real monochrome challenge comes when, without use of filters or special film, you can find subject matter that produces a monochrome effect when you photograph it. The best way to yield this is to get close though sometimes the position of the sun relative to the camera can yield a silvery effect.

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