Out to Sea: Balicasag Island, Bohol

Your tour of Bohol is not complete without visiting this protected island sanctuary, Balicasag Island.

If you love snorkeling and diving this is the place to visit. This island is one of the top dive sites in the Philippines.

I had the chance to visit this island last February with my mom and her friends. It is known for its underwater beauty. Just a few meters from the shore you can see corals and fishes waiting to be explored.

With my trusty Fisheye camera and submarine, I braved the waters. For three hours, I snorkeled and saw a lot of fishes like clown fish and some big parrot fishes and of course, corals which swayed like grass. The fishes here are expecting to be fed with some bread and crackers so they swarm to you when you’re swimming.

Touring this island is cheap. The boat will cost you 1500 pesos ($35) for 4 persons inclusive of snorkeling gears and also dolphin watching and a side trip to Virgin Island. A 200 pesos ($5) per person fee is for the tour guide while snorkeling. If you want to try out diving, the beginner’s course is around 2500 pesos ($60).

So if you’re into underwater exploring, then visit Balicasag Island in Bohol Philippines.

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