The Adventures of the Polaroid Kidd


Armed with a Polaroid SX-70, Mike Brodie otherwise known as the ‘Polaroid Kidd’, travelled for 3 years to capture the lives of vagabonds, hobos and squatters. See his raw images after the jump.

Mike Brodie is a self-taught photographer from Pensacola, Florida. At 18, a friend gave him a Polaroid SX-70 camera and this was the start of his adventure. He left his home and travelled to different places in a span of 3 years. He spent his time travelling through railways across America. On his journey, he encountered interesting individuals and captured them with his instant camera. He calls what he does ‘travel culture’, wherein he captures the lives of the people he comes across.

images © Mike Brody via Flavorwire

“Photography has made me what I am. It pulls me in all directions. It gives and takes friends, and pushes me to move miles and miles. My desire to photograph these people in the beginning is what led me to develop such great relationships with them; some being relationships that will last clear on ‘til the day I die. I’m really lucky ’cause I never used to be this social.”Mike Brodie

images © Mike Brody via Needles and Pens Gallery

Mike Brody was able to capture intimate moments in the colourful lives of the hobos and squatters. What makes his photos interesting is that his subjects are the ones overlooked in society. The pictures alone allow us to see what kind of lives they live that is why they made such an impact in the photography world.

image via Needles and Pens Gallery
image via Needles and Pens Gallery

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