Kodachrome will Have its Own Movie


It has been released on a major project to bring film production to the big screen the story of the film Kodachrome. Thus, the film will have its own movie. Want to know the plot and its possible production?

Remember that Kodak discontinued this reel in 2009 and until January of this year could only be processed in a laboratory in Kansas (Dwayne's Photo). After this story, DreamWorks (Steven Spielberg’s production company) has revealed its intention to make a film about the demise of Kodachrome. This film would add to the interesting documentary made earlier by National Geographic as a tribute to the famous film.

The screenplay is written by Jonathan Tropper, which was inspired by an article of The New York Times to write it. The story traces the trip of a father and son to the last laboratory that works with Kodachrome (Dwayne's Photo in Kansas) to reveal their memories as soon as possible…

Although the project is in initial phase, the film’s director will be Shawn Levy (“Night at the Museum”, “Date Night”,…).


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  1. emperornorton
    emperornorton ·

    Kodachrome used to be MY film. I have looked at slides that my grandfather took in the 1930s with them and they are ~still vivid~. Maybe Kodak will bring it back?

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