Shoot on the Rooftop!


Look around.. the sun is shining over your head and it definitely looks charming. You feel the urge to go out of the house but you don’t know where to go.. Here’s a perfect spot to shoot…Go up to your roof.

Initially, the reason I went up the roof to shoot is to capture the perfect glare and the airplanes. But after doing this once or twice, I finally discovered that there are so many unexpected scenes from where I stood!

On the roof, there are many elements which look ordinary but they can actually be used as special subjects and you can try using your camera by shooting them with different angles. For example, personally, I like the way the tall buildings in the city look. Try capturing them through multiple exposures and you’ll be happy with the results. They are extraordinarily interesting!

Moreover, if you place the camera at the fence around the roof, it instantly becomes a good place to shoot some self-portraits. So, why not climb up the roof and try shooting some pictures now?

The sun is still so fascinating during autumn, climb up the roof with Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 or Lomography Redscale 100 to capture autumn!

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  1. domo-guy
    domo-guy ·

    I wish i had a roof :(

  2. sidsel
    sidsel ·

    i just LOVE these pictures!

  3. nadinadu
    nadinadu ·

    i really want a roof terrace now :(

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